An Original MADMAN will have a Doctorate in “What Not To Do”!
The creative and powerful ideas a MADMAN produces is what clients want and need. Conversely, another important asset an Original MADMAN offers is knowing “what not to do”. This knowledge takes years to master, yet really is never totally accomplished. Like an entrepreneur’s creed, “Assuming the risk for the sake of the profit”, is what a MADMAN assesses every day. No idea ever created is a slam dung guarantee. Small and large MAD Agencies and clients, all had their share of…”Ooops”. Some kick off to a great start, focus shifts, usually greed and downward spiral starts. I’m proud to say, a large majority of my projects have been successful for me and my clients. The trend seems to improve “after” the lesson of taking the eye off the ball in understood. Research, focus groups even the “superior” product cannot assure success in the marketplace. However, the tireless, creative ambition of an experienced Original MADMAN
might give you an edge.